Yay, this game was featured in The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2022! Check out the video here: 

*It is highly recommended to play this game in full-screen.*

*The game is apparently playable on mobile devices, apart from being able to check what the different faces do, in the shop. I'll post a small grid in this description later to go over these effects.*

Come one and all! Try out this new great experience!

Oh! Hey you! Yes, you! Care to take this here game for a spin? I will walk you through it, no need to worry! Battle enemies, face your greatest fears and... Uhm... Save the princess! Yes. That'll do nicely. Come, come! Take a seat.

Yes, very good. Now, let us begin.

This is Rolling for Royalty. A game all about rolling dice, upgrading dice, acquiring new dice... It's mostly about dice. And you fight wildlife and monsters, that's important too. 

It is your duty to save a kidnapped princess. The Troll and his trusty Lion have terrible plans for her, and it's up to you to stop them!

Created in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2022 by a solo dev. Rolling for Royalty is a small minimalistic sort-of-roguelike  experience. Let me know what you think. :)

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(64 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsDice, engine-building, Indie, Roguelike, Roguelite


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Amazing game! Would love to see more of it

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Loved it. Played twice, more aggro the second time, and ended up getting a x3 x4 3 damage to all enemies combo, which was funny to see. Some (long) notes for if this were ever fleshed out:

  • Needs a way to disincentivize being overly-cautious and dragging a game out. Especially since you can only heal in battles, I'm always hesitating to take a few turns balancing shields to try to get a heal off before ending vs just getting it over with.
    • Of course the obvious solution is to just heal the player at the end of each match, but I thought it was kind of cool to manage health throughout.
    • Same thing could apply to gem faces. An even more extreme safety vs fun choice. I feel we are supposed to balance long term vs short term, but it could easily be a problem.
  • Something about the x4, the multi-attacks, and the fire feel abusable in combination with each other. The end started to get surprisingly easy once I had more deliberate faces.
  • On the other hand the gem faces don't feel necessary (potential spamming aside)- even without taking up a roll when you get them, they don't seem like they could pay off their values before you're already well-off enough in gems to buy whatever
  • Might need some adjustments to make the lower value faces useful. I found it best to just save up a little and get expensive ones. So yeah balancing, difficulty.
  • That said, I'm not sure how you handle players getting stuck, especially since they lose old faces by replacing them. What if their average gain in relative health is smaller than the opponents'? Of course just offering help when they're losing would feel cheap.
    • Do they get coins when they lose? That could work.
  • Maybe if you finish a battle with a heal left it could automatically use it
  • Might be good to add different color gems as payments go up, though it is satisfying to see them all spill in
  • Coins glitch out of box at start
  • For some reason I always want to click on the chest, mostly just to open it. Accidentally bought an item that way.
  • On the other hand some animations could go faster, maybe getting faster as you progress in the game (opponents rolling, board dropping)
  • It would be nice to see which face we're adding, to be able to check our die, cancel a purchase, maybe check the shop from the map.
    • To combine the first three, I'm thinking you just show the face at the top that you're currently adding and put an option to cancel.
  • You can't always tell which die is which when they roll. Not sure how, but it would be good to indicate the other faces of a die so you know what your chances are when you reroll.
  • I think I saw some rolling wonkiness- an opponent's die looking like it had rolled one face when it was just barely on another. I know one of mine ended up on an edge due to collision with another.

I got pretty nitpicky so don't worry if you're not trying to make it perfect. Just some thoughts.

I also honestly forgot this was from the 2022 jam because that's how caught up I was in it.

Nice game!  I hope you work more on it.

Best board game I've ever see


Luck? Where we're going, we don't need luck!

Great game. I loved the dice building mechanic a lot, though it was a bit easy to exploit. Adding less certainty to purchasable faces (only certain ones appear in certain shops, etc.) and giving opponents the ability to roll multiple dice or have faces that you just can't have would add a lot to the formula and make it a REALLY fun and engrossing experience.

I completed it, pretty nice!

What does the Fire icon do?

Removes all shield from your target.

Loved it!


4X is over overpowered! (I made a dice whit just 4X)

and I love it!

please expand on this, would love to see this as a full release!


To add to my earlier comments: The balance on multiple attacks feels like it might be off a bit. It rarely if ever feels worthwhile getting a 4-damage attack when you can get a 3-damage multi-attack for only 8 gems.

I suspect that solo attacks should have a significantly higher cap than multi-attack (6 damage?) and/or multi-attack should be significantly more expensive. 

(I suspect it's the latter, since it's essentially never worth getting lower damage multi-attack either at the current cost structure). 

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Very cool game!  I hope one day to see a longer, fuller version.

One tiny bit of UI feedback: It would be great if the screen looked inactive or something when you can't use it.  For example, when you try to click on the cross button or a dice while the game is in the middle of throwing dialogue bubbles at you.  At that point it looks like you can click that button, but doing so throws dialogue at you instead.


one thing i whould like to see on a complete version whould be an infinite mode with randomly generated levels (it could be a button on the dialogue that ask if you want to continue and instead of playing again you whould continue to defeat the rest of the mosters and this whould continue infinitely) 

for this infinite mode the shop could upgrade after each 2 bosses - the 1-sword could desappear and there whould be a 5-sword (same for shield), the heal could get a 3-heal and the gems could get directly a 4-gem.

the enemies could get harder and harder overtime (if you think why whould there be stronger enemies if i alr saved the princess, it can be that an enemy was getting the pricess to its master)

An infinite mode would be cool. They could also do a mode a bit like Slay the Spire where there's 3-4 "worlds" and this version of the game is just the first world. (Each world consisting of a boss, 3-4 mini-bosses, and maybe 20 non-boss fights).

My guess is they'd move the princess rescue at the very end of the game and insert the extra world's and bosses before that. 

really good game!

The best part about the game is that the multipliers stack so you can deal a massive amount of damage or gan like 200 gems in one roll


This game was fun, so I will comment what I do on all fun games on this site: Is there going to be a download version?

I'm asking because I've seen more than my share of fun Jam games that were, suddenly, completely gone from Itch, and I was only able to save a few of them because not all of them had a download version.

What a fun game!

That was really fun! It was satisfying to customize and organize my dice. Here's what my final layout looked like:

Someone suggested having a round cap. I think an alternative solution could be Pawnbarian's reward system, where every turn you take decreases the loot.

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Nice concept! Some suggestions:

- Currently, shields and heal are almost the same, I would consider that the player's shields are only worth for the current attack (that is, what is left over is lost). That would differentiate more both actions, and also would make the game more tactical. In the case of enemies I don't know if it would work the same way.

- Make it possible to consult which die is which, among the ones you have rolled, so you can choose wich one to roll again. In many occasions you can't tell just by looking at the visible faces.

- Another way to balance the multiplier faces can be to make their price rise (double?) with every purchase (and probably you dont need the x4 option).

In any case, good luck with the final game, if you make it.

I find that shields and heal play fairly different in practice.  For example, it's appealing to put a lot of heal on your dice, but it's just wasted whenever you're at max HP (which carries over between fights).  With shields you start at zero each fight, so rolling a shield at the beginning is helpful.  Finding a good balance between shields and health makes a significant difference (and that balance may differ over the course of the game).

I agree about being unable to tell which dice is which though - that would be super helpful.

I play this game again

I didn't buy the blood back but bought a lot of 4x I had a lot of fun Today


Thanks again for appearing on today's stream, here's the highlight! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1556348571


Thank you again for the interview Gabriel! It was great fun!


Absolutely wonderful! Just wanted to know I had a fantastic time with this game and hope to see more of it in the future! 

Thank you for playing and for your nice comment! I really hope I can satisfy those hopes at a later date! :)

Deleted 137 days ago

Hi. It's a nice game you have made here, It feels a bit like the dice forge board game, which I'm super fan of. There are also some problems:

  • Way too much text with some giving really obsvious tips; I would recommand the "don't tell, show" tip. For example you don't really need to say you heal the player when the action of healing is mostly self-explanatory. Visual feedbacks are also simpler for that.
  • Animations are very slow which break part of the dynamic. On the other hand some obvious actions could be automated, like the dice selection when there is no reroll left.
  • There are a few issues with balance. First all actions don't have the same type of benefit: while attac and defense are used within a single fight, gathering gold benefits the whole game so if you can keep a fight for a arbitrary long time you can easily collect huge amounts of gold even having it snowball and grow faster after each fight.
  • Also as others have pointed out the multiplicator action is way to strong. On my last run I had two dice covered with x4 so each round was like playing 8 dice of the best action. Each turn of the last battle I was gaining 16 defense and dealing 12 daages to all enemies, litterally destroying them. I think you could balance it with the concept of rarity so you can have strong actions that are rare, or in small quantity. That way your may also have a better interest in placing them in you dice to optimize your actions
  • Finally I think the gameplay lack of variety as most actions are counters of others action: defense and heal against attack (in some sense they're like two separate life bars capted at 20), fire against block. I think this is what makes the game so easy because there is no surprise or need to adapt. Once you have your strategy set up you can follow it and the game become brainless

Anyway that was a really pleasant experience. Thanks for the game :)

Thank you for playing and for your comment!

Yeah, Dice Forge was a huge inspiration for this game! Glad you liked it. I totally understand your critique. Many of the problems lie in balancing and there are some polishing things that would make this game way better to play. Currently, I blame the 48 hour limit I had to make this, but a full version of this would definitely be better in those aspects. I'll save your feedback for later use!

Thanks again for being honest! I really like it when I get constructive feedback! :)


Seems quite familiar to https://tann.itch.io/slice-dice

You are correct! Slice and Dice is a great game, I have it on my phone now! I'll try my best to make this game different enough to not just be too similar!


I love it

I love that you love it!


Registered just to say what a great game this is. Really hope you keep working on it because it has so much potential.

My little suggestion would be to have the option to buy more rerolls, as well as a face that cancels out an opponents dice that turn.


Wow, that's quite dedicated and very nice of you! I'll keep working on it then! :)

Things like more rerolls and more variety of die faces is definitely on the list of things to get in there!


This game was top notch. I loved the idea and you should definitely continue it. There is so much you could add to this game and as of now its already  really fun. Totally didn't break the game as it is rn though... lol

Woah... That's a great image. Glad you had fun! Thanks for your comment and sharing your screenshot!


This was so enjoyable, finished it in one sitting because it was just that fun! I really love this concept and can easily see it as a fully fleshed game. It seems like you've already had lots of comments on how to improve it, so if you do intend to develop this further, I can't wait :)

That's great to hear! Yeah, very much leaning towards making a full version! :)


This game was so fun! You should definitely continue this. I look at the comments and basically agree with what Bhavesh said, specifically that you should be able to see your dice, cancel a purchase, and splits and special map features.

Thank you very much for playing and your kind words! Those features would indeed be great additions!


damn dude!! this game is insane finished it in one sitting ,it has huge scope plz dont stop working on this game add more content launch for mobile I would love to play more of this


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you had fun!

The game should already be playable in browsers of mobile devices, but a dedicated port could be a fun idea! I'm not yet sure if I'll continue development, but I'm really thinking about doing so!


Just played it twice in a row! Very fun little game with a cool concept. The way in which combat plays reminds me a lot of the combat loop in Darkest Dungeon. Would love to see a fully developed version of this (improved art, more visual effect, some AI adjustments, larger campaign, more different enemies etc.). Some pointers for if you'd want to develop it further:

  • A way to view all your dice's faces at all times would be nice (pressing TAB and having it pop-up for example)
  • When you select an item in the shop have it highlighted next to the dice when you're selecting a face to put it
  • Option to cancel out of a purchase, I once accidentally mis clicked and was stuck with a bad face 
  • The option to throw your dice yourself, making it more immersive (and the option to turn this off because some players might find it cumbersome)
  • When collecting the gems from the chest make it interactive. Let me hoover up those gems baby (different kinds of gems would be nice as well)
  • When expanding the campaign: give the map splitting paths so you can choose where to go next. Think different biomes where if you enter the look of the playing table changes (sort of like in Hearthstone with all its different 'maps')
  • Maybe give the maps special locations that let you upgrade your dice or start quests (the lady of the lake wants you to retrieve the king's sword, make your way to spot #24 and fight the troll then bring it back etc.)
  • Rewards could also be themed special dice (after completing the lady of the lake quest you get a special lakelady-die.)
  • Multipliers are terribly overpowered (especially when you make one dedicated multiplier block). Ways to mitigate this might be that every multiplier face can be used only once per battle, after that they get turned off. Also give the higher difficulty enemies multiplier faces!
  • Damage numbers! The dice 'hits' against enemies could be more visually impactful, but also show the total damage done after applying a multiplier to release that sweet sweet serotonin
  • Father development has to have more options for dice faces. First things that come to mind are things like your classic bleed, blight, trap, freeze, capture, take an enemies dice for one round etc. Think Quarriors-levels of different dice
  • Opening and closing the store chest and waiting for the reward chest to open gets a bit tedious after playing for a while. Some quality of life improvements could be made there

This is just me spitballing but it says something that this little game you made inspired me to make an account and type up all these ideas. You've got a super solid base here and I'd love to see it developed into a full indie experience! :)

Woah! Thank you so much for the elaborate list of feedback! I really appreciate your input, and I agree on all points and love your suggestions. It's really helping get me excited to maybe make this a bigger thing! :)

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Pretty fun game, maybe a round limit for battle is needed. I manage to gain lots of money at first 3 levels by stacking the armors and make all faces of three dices to 4x multiplier and 1 dice to half 4 armors and half 3 aoe dmgs, which allows me to beat any level with a single shot. 

Thank you very much for playing!

Yeah, balance is something to work on if I were to continue development on this. I don't know if a round limit is the way to go, but definitely restrictions of some kind are in order!


Finally beat it lol, no gem faces as well

Congrats! I hope you had fun!

very much did! Please extend

Could you port it to mobile? All the controls would work.

I could definitely do that! At least for Android. You should be able to play it in the browser on mobile devices already though, apart from checking what the different faces in the shop do.

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This game is beyond awesome. I would die for more content.

see that's a funny joke whether you thought of it or not

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


The multiplier dice are so, so absurdly broken it's hilarious. The fact that they stack as well makes the game's balance break in half. After the first boss, I was quickly in a position to simply farm up money, from which point I became completely unkillable. Any time an enemy would get close, I'd simply reset back to max shields, and then proceed to farm even more money.

Upon reaching the final boss, I had 3 die that all had 4x on every side, and one that simply had the spread attack on it. I hit each of them for 132 damage. It could have been more. The game is absurdly easy to break, but extremely fun in concept! Just needs some balancing.

Honestly, it's probably best to remove the gem faces - the idea of adding risk/reward with them is good, but it's far, far too easy to stabilize and then break the game in half.


I did the same thing lol


Haha good job on breaking the game! Yeah, balance definitely is something to work on if I were to continue development. For now, I'm ok with it, as long as people are having fun! Things like the gem faces can work if you restrict them somehow, like letting you only trigger them once per battle, for example. But the whole thing of being able to buy multipliers for multiple entire dice is... something that would really need to change. ;)

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Very addicting!

I barely survived the first boss (the one which gives you the 3rd die) at one point having only 4 health, but it got much easier from this point on. I specialized this new die in multipliers (1 of 3x, 4 of 4x (and I decided it's not worth it to invest in the last slot as I can reroll it anyway))


Good job on finishing the game! I hope you had fun!


Great Game, just played it twice in a row.
I guess it needs more balancing, since you can go really crazy on multipliers.
I really love the atmosphere, it's calming and playing this dice game is really fun.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun! :)


Fun concept but the x4 dice are extremely broken lol, you can basically stall early fights for tons of money and then do x4 then x16 dice to one shot the entire game, reach armor cap in one go or generate even more money (to get dice that have perfect result for exemple). I didn't bother getting a x64 with the last dice cause I could tell the game wasn't expecting me to do that (and yeah, I one shot the last boss with x16 aoe).

Typically you want to avoid reliable exponential increases in your balance =p eitherthat or you need to balance around player abusing it but that makes it impossible for those who don't figure it out. I would remove multiplier dices entirely, or limit them in some way, or replace them with additive dices.

Other than that it works well ^^

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I totally agree with you, and was fairly aware of this during development, but I'm quite ok with people breaking the balance of the game in this prototype/proof of concept thingy, as long as they're having fun! If I were to continue development, I would of course fix this!

(2 edits)

Since it's a short game, the exponential power increase to the moon felt satisfying -- fun way to end the week! Thanks!


This was great fun! Granted, it was a tad easy once I realised I could specialise the dice (one die with nothing but multipliers, a second die with all attacks, a third with defence and healing, and I didn't really need the fourth die) and the game gives out a lot of gems which threw off the shop's balance, but it was still great fun slaughtering the enemies!

Thank you so much for playing! Yup, balance is not the greatest quality of this game, and it is something I could definitely work on. For what it is now, I'm fairly ok with people completely breaking this game, as long as they're having fun!

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